Is this an Aussie first?

No, the product was first shown at the Sydney Visual Impact Sign Show in mid-2007. The entore back wall, chairs, tables, and floor was made from inkjet-printed cardboard and was able to be disposed of in industrial cardboard compactors for recycling back into paper after the show.

What does it mean that it's fully recyclable?

Xanita refer to the "repulpability" of their board. Many products are recyclable but end up being dumped as landfill as it's impractical to get the used material back to the recycling plant. Being made from recycled waster paper, Xanita's X-Board can be collected by paper-recycling agents who typically collect waste cardboard from shopping centres and exhibition centres, given the huge amount of waste created.

What is it made of?

Approximately 70% post-consumer paper-waste (old cardboard boxes) and 30% sugar can bagasse waste.

is it as strong as traditional materials?

It'sgot a higher strength-to-weight ratio than most engineered woods, such as MDF or particleboard which are up to 6 times heavier and full of toxic volatile organic compounds such as carcinogenic urea formaldehyde resins, used to bond the virgin wood pulp together.

What would most of the stands at the RES be made of?

PVC, Aluminium, MDF, Particleboard and chemical foam-centred boards, almost all of which will get disposed of to landfill after one or two shows.

How would you like the stand described?

manufactured mostly from composite panels made from VOC-free, post-consumer paper waste and sugar cane bagasse.

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